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Corporate Clients

If you are an existing corporate travel client of Conlin Travel and wish to log into your booking site, please contact your travel administrator or your Conlin Travel account manager at (800) 426-6546.

Business Travel Success Stories

Below are just a few examples of the many ways our business travel clients have benefited from working with Conlin Travel. To find out what we can do for your bottom line, please contact our Corporate Travel Services department at (734) 677-0900 or (800) 426-6546.

In response to a complicated report request, we provided a customized report same-day, allowing the customer to have relevant information that fulfilled an immediate need. Our client’s feedback: “Thank you so much for your prompt response. This type of customer service is what sets Conlin light years ahead of other service providers.” Testimonial

A new client was spending a considerable amount on international travel. Once we became familiar with their travel patterns, we quickly learned that if we “split the tickets” - issuing them as separate tickets and re-calculating the fares - we could save them $1,000 to $1,200 per airline ticket. In their first year with us, we were able to save the client over $120,000 on their international flights alone. Testimonial

By enrolling a client in a corporate airline rewards program, we were able to save them over $48,000 in one quarter by using “free tickets” earned in the program to put back into their travel budget. Testimonial

A client was having a difficult time keeping track of their unused tickets. We immediately generated and electronically delivered regular unused non-refundable ticket reports to the client. We managed their unused ticket program and made recommendations on where they could be used again - saving the client thousands of dollars per month.Testimonial

We had a client that was looking to boost the adoption rate of their “managed, self-booking tool.” By implementing an aggressive Web based training program for their employees, we were able to cut their transaction fees by 47% and save them thousands of dollars per month because of the “visual guilt” phenomenon.Testimonial

We were able to assist a client with consolidating all of their major U.S. locations to one common travel purchasing program (Conlin Travel) for better overall travel management. Through consolidation, they can now find out instantly where all of their travelers are in case of an emergency. Testimonial