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April 6, 2020

Seamless Program Implementation

One of the many benefits of having a Managed Travel Program, is avoiding fragmented consumer travel technology and experiencing full support before, during, and after your trip. Travel can be complicated, expensive, and even frustrating, which is why a corporate travel program is critical. At Conlin Travel, a successful program implementation strives for two things; improving the user experience and promoting program adoption.

Our approach

Create Program Champions

  • The new system will need a key stakeholder to champion the program. Travel arrangers, frequent travelers or groups with high visibility can help promote buy-in and explain program value.

Frequent Communication

  • Provide internal communications about what is to come, will help hype up the enhancements that are on their way.
  • Demonstrate individual benefits and program value

Simple Configuration

  • High content visibility
  • User-friendly
  • Simple OBT navigation
  • Limit messages, pop-ups or alerts within the OBT

Employee Education

  • When to travel and who approves it
  • How to make reservations
  • OBT Training
  • How to pay for travel or seek reimbursement
  • Safety protocol on the road

Technology Toolbox

  • Mobile App integration
  • Risk Management alerts and travel advisories
  • On-demand chat functions

When we focus on improving the traveler experience, our implementation empowers our travelers to proceed with confidence before, during and after their trip. Our technology suite allows for seamless integration and an easy transition to a custom OBT configuration.

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