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September 14, 2019

Technology Wins, Policy Loss

With technology capabilities on the rise, travel policies are losing their relevance:

The arbitrary, static, rigidly defined travel policies of today are slowly losing their relevance. With the help of technology, policies are now able to evolve and become more intuitive, dynamic, intelligent and market sensitive.


  • Personalized booking options so they won’t look (or book)
  • Refining the options with rules that are not visible to the traveler, therefore they don’t feel as if they are being steered towards compliance.
  • Offering travelers more flexible choices
  • Constantly updating available options to deliver best industry offerings.
  • Applying invisible controls pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip

Technology is dynamic, flexible, sensitive and personalized.


  • Today’s business travelers don’t want to read policy
  • Compliance is very hard to enforce
  • Travel pricing changes so frequency that fixed rules are
  • Travelers don’t see how the policy benefits them as individuals.

Policy will never be obsolete. In some markets, it supports a company’s legal or regulatory obligations, or it’s duty of care.

The idea of personalized behavior management is well-established. Emerging technologies using machine learning are finally converting theory into reality. They deliver customized but compliant budgets and trip options much more powerfully than even a couple of years ago. And they’re improving all the time. While their initial focus is on savings and security, these technologies can also work within the policy environment to promote quality service, consistency and even traveler wellness.


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