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Corporate Clients

If you are an existing corporate travel client of Conlin Travel and wish to log into your booking site, please contact your travel administrator or your Conlin Travel account manager at (800) 426-6546.

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Corporate Travel: Technology

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Conlin Travel not only believes in the positive impact of technology and its constant evolution but invites the innovations. If we fail to embrace the latest technology we risk the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of our travel management programs. Conlin Travel utilizes multiple agent and online technologies, channels and strategies to ensure you are getting the best value and lowest prices available within the Global Distribution System for air, car and hotel reservations.

Every travel management company has technology. We know how to use it. There are unique complexities associated with managing a robust online travel program, an end-to-end quality control system, reporting systems and data management. To utilize each system and process to its fullest and bring continuity to our systems, we have developed a unique e-Services division with dedicated staff focused on technology and online services. Your company will benefit from the constant innovation and efficiency created by our team.

Our eServices team never believes something is finished. We continue to break, build, enhance and evolve our products and services to keep bringing you the most innovative options for your travel program.

Online Booking Tools:
We offer state-of-the-art online technology, including Rearden Commerce and Concur Travel. Each system offers unique options for your program and we will help you choose the best one to suit your needs. A Conlin Travel online program offers:

  • Personalized company travel website
  • User friendly booking capabilities 24/7
  • Lowest air fares
  • Proven adoption rate
  • Automated quality control
  • Reduced transaction fees
  • Customized data reporting to track spending and increase compliance
  • Dedicated, online support at no extra charge
  • End to end travel management solution
  • PCI compliant systems

Agent Support Tools:
We believe in providing all the resources to our agents that allow them to do their job efficiently and effectively. To support this, we utilize myriad agent tools. Travelport, Booking Builder and SwaBiz are just a few of these.

Quality Control:
Whether you have a need for a department field for reporting, or require approval for your travelers' itineraries, our quality control system, Cornerstone, will be able to handle it. Our staff is certified to do all the programming in house and will work with you on determining solutions for your program needs.

Unused Ticket Management:
Up to 12% of air travel spend is lost through not knowing about or not utilizing unused tickets and the residual value. Our innovative approach to managing this value ensures you will recoup every dollar available when a cancellation or change needs to be made to an itinerary.

iBank is the leader in travel data management and reporting. Our staff will use iBank to provide timely, useful reports to you and your Conlin Travel Account manager. We can also provide login information and training to your staff for your own in-house access.

Over the years, benchmarking used to be a tedious process that resulted in numerous ways for data interpretation. Reviewing trade journals and "expert" forecasts just wasn't enough for us. We have partnered with Travel GPA to bring you the most comprehensive, live benchmarking information available. Compare your program and its effectiveness against 60,000+ other companies anonymously. We use Travel GPA when reviewing and analyzing the key factors of your travel program.

By combining our technology and expertise, you can depend on Conlin Travel to keep your travel program a step ahead.